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Why Play Golf?

If you are stress then playing sports is one way to relieve your stress. If you are not doing anything in your life, maybe it could be a weekend or a holiday and you are looking for something to do then you can definitely trying playing sports.

Instead of wasting your time just by laying around your bed and doing nothing you can just spend your time with playing sports because life is too short to spend it on just by sleeping and doing nothing. You have to make the most of it every single minute of your life because every minute of your life is precious and you must do something worthwhile and playing sports could be the best way to spend your weekend or a holiday.

Every human being is capable of playing sports even if you are just an ordinary person and has no special skills in playing sports. Playing sports is not only for professional athletes and even ordinary people can play it too. Playing sports can give you a lot of benefits. When you actively play sports then there is a chance that you will do better in your academics since playing sports is like exercising and when you exercise your body, you are exercising your mind as well. But if you are doing nothing but lie in your bed then your mind will be rusty because you are not exercising it. Sports is also teaching people to have teamwork and problem solving skills, in sports you are going to play with a lot of other people, it may be people you know or someone you do not know but when you play it requires team work and playing sports will teach you unite with other players because you will do your best to win the game.

In sports, there are different kinds that you can play. There are a lot of other sports but the sports that are commonly played by people are basketball, swimming, tennis, badminton, soccer, bowling. Maybe you want to try something new and not commonly played by people. The sport that is not commonly played by people is golf. But what is in golf that out of all the sports, you will choose golf? When you play golf you will get closer to the nature, since golf is being played where there are trees that are surrounded and you can hear the birds singing as well. Can you imagine while playing golf then you will feel the cold breeze of the wind from the trees and the birds singing while you are trying to concentrate in hitting the ball. A person’s character is also built when they play golf.

But unfortunately, not all people are can play golf but there is no need to be worry because everything can be learned in a school. There are people who wants to learn golf and there are also schools that teaches people how to play golf. It is good when you play sports for fun only but it would be more fun if you are trying your best to be good at the sport that you are playing until you realize that playing sport has been already your favourite hobby until you are so good in playing it.

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