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Have A Safe Roof For Employees

Are your employees safe?Every year preventable workplace fatalities occur from falls. You can help prevent these injuries by properly securing your roof.

Knowing how often your rooftop is accessed is a great place to start. Will workers be visiting the rooftop every week to service the gutters or clean the skylights? When a rooftop is visited frequently multiple fall protection systems should be in place.

Safety rails are considered the most essential roof fall protection system. Every edge of the rooftop needs to have a safety railing accompanying it. There are often areas that require safety railings but are overlooked. One of these hazards include skylights. Skylights can be a great compliment to any architecture. While they are beautiful skylights still can present a falling hazard.

A guardrail should be in place around any and all skylights on top of your roof. In addition to a safety rail make sure employees are properly trained on how to clean the skylights. When choosing a safety railing you will have permanent and temporary options. It’s a widespread practice to have a permanent guardrail on the perimeter of the roof. A portable guardrail is more often used for temporary construction sites. It is easy to install a temporary guardrail. The portable guardrail will close off the construction site. The presence of the guardrail helps raise employee awareness. Safety and awareness go hand-in-hand.

Guard rails are just the start. An active fall protection system can be used in addition to a guardrail. The guardrail is passive and separates the worker from the edge of the roof. An example of an active fall protection system would be a horizontal lifeline. Active roof fall protection system helps when a fall has already occurred. The horizontal lifeline is in place to stop the fall once has already started. With active roof fall protection there is still a risk of injury. The idea is that a fatality can be prevented. It’s possible for an injury to be avoided since the horizontal lifeline will be absorbing a large portion of the shock created by the fall. Proper training is required for using a horizontal lifeline.The employee needs to have a full understanding of how to properly wear the body harness.

A lot of companies will offer a free quote to determine your rooftop needs. A professional will determine how many hazards are in place. Having the help of an experienced company will save you time and money. A properly secured rooftop is a safe workplace. You can get ahead of the game by stopping workplace injuries before they happen. Safe employees are happy employees.

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