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The Ease of Working with the Third Person Omniscient Point of View in Storytelling

You will notice three distinct points of view when it comes to the omniscient section. They are presented as the third person limited or subjective, the multiple third people limited, as well as the third person omniscient points of view. The third person omniscient point of view takes on an all-seeing type of perspective. It observes all the happenings in the story, with none of the limits in the other two third person’s points of view. There are several advantages to using this type of view in your story.

You will fun it to come naturally as a style of writing. If you look at most of the stories you ever heard, they all were in the third person omniscient point of view. There was the narrator who went ahead and told the story. This is why many of us naturally lean towards stories told in this style. You wish to read more about the story when you notice this perspective in action.
As the author, you will also have the freedom to extend the scope of the story by revealing more about many characters. With this perspective, the author can tell us all about who each character views and reacts to all that is happening, which makes us understand the story much better. It shall enable the different points of view and the understanding of the characters to the same event to be portrayed. You thus shall see the reasons why people had to do the things they did as the story unfolds further.

This style is also the best for carrying the authoritative voice of an author. In the other points of view, the story shall be limited to the heads and eyes of one or a few people. But through an omniscient point of view, the author shall show us so much more, and in a limitless manner. You get to retain all the rights to the way the story is told. We get to listen to your voice, not that of one character.

It is also the best point of view when you are telling an epic story. It is the best format to use when your story covers many years, with many characters in it, across vast lands and territories. You cannot pull the same feat using the other limited points of view. The rest are preferred in other less engaging styles of writing. As for fantastical works of fiction, you need only use the omniscient third person point of view.

This is also the best way to show action in a story. There is the consideration of different points of view which makes it easy for you to show the action scenarios. Action usually takes more than one person or thing to come across. It is therefore hard to tell about it when you can only see through one person’s eyes.

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